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The Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (CIPSAN) was established in 1998 under Decree 1 of 1990 Part C and now the most recognized professional body for executives senior managers and officers engaged in stores management, purchasing management, spare parts management, transport and logistic operations and production control. Presently, the population of half-baked practitioners of industrial logistics management is high. This dangerous development is responsible for the supply errors, poor inventory management that are evident at many companies in the country today.

Organizations mostly affected are those that expend more than 60% of their income on raw materials and spare parts. Many companies have incurred huge debt as a result of substandard materials purchased for production, fake spare parts for plant and vehicle maintenance. To ameliorate the situation, the Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (CIPSAN) was established to effect a clear departure from this odd situation that has been strangulating our economy.

It’s Direct Membership programme is automatically available to CIPSAN members.

Direct Membership of APS also available to CIPSAN Members.

Purchasing and Supply Management is very comprehensive, broad and largely relevant to the manufacturing industry, service industry, governmental organizations and commerce. The scope of the profession is extensive. It is an embodiment of activities relating to operations and production management, physical distribution, procurement and warehousing. Its functions embrace the following activities.
a.         Sourcing and procurement of materials and services
b.         Requirements specification (quality and quantity)
c.         Negotiation and monitoring of contract and project execution.
d.         Storage and warehousing distribution.
e.         Safety assurance and effective handling
f.          Inventory control and provisioning.
g.         Disposal of waste and redundant materials.

The wide range of duties and responsibilities indicate that the purchasing and supply profession is paramount within the corporate management. In this regards, the Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria has been established to:
a.         Foster professionalism and recognition in the field.
b.         Promote theory, techniques and practice.
c.         Conduct examinations leading to qualifications.
d.         Maintain a body of knowledge and encouragement research.

The mission of the Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria include the followings:
i. To provide an organization for men and women of education, ability and experience who desire to qualify as purchasing officers, stores officers, procurement managers, materials managers and secure professional status.
ii. To provide a system of examination, training programme to issue certificates, diplomas and to increase knowledge and efficiency in Purchasing and Supply Management.
iii. To encourage and give assistance to young persons of good education who are desirous of entering the profession under direction of members.
iv. To provide opportunities for contract between members of the institute and manufacturers and traders of motor spare parts, equipment spare parts, chemicals, building materials, industrial raw materials, petroleum products, plants and machineries, motor vehicles and equipments, tyres and tubes, tools and general commodities.
v. To organize international trade fair and exhibition in Nigeria.
vi. To provide a bureau for members seeking employment.

CIPSAN is one of the few superior professional bodies recognized by the Bureau of Public Procurement in the Presidency, Abuja. See Punch Friday June 20, 2008 Page 22 and Punch Friday Nov. 14, 2008 Page 23.
CIPSAN Higher Diploma holders have been admitted to Post Graduate Studies in several reputable universities in Nigeria.

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