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Graduates with Higher National Diploma/Degree and holders of professional certificates or membership now must adapt if they are to remain relevant and employable. The Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology has now introduced a number of induction/refresher short courses at professional diploma and post graduate diploma levels.
Our academic partner is a Alliance International University, Lusaka, Zambia.

Apart from our own diploma programme we run series of diploma programmes and other advanced courses of the Alliance International University and awards are conferred in the Republic of Benin. The university is reputable. It is approved by the ministry of education, Zambia therefore, it is recognized all over the world see: www.aiuglobal.com.

The short course in Business Law is aimed at holders of the National Diploma in Business, Accountancy, Marketing Engineering and professional certificates holders at the intermediate and finals.

Are you a school proprietor hospital proprietor, contractor, transporter or just another entrepreneur? You require the knowledge of business law. Everybody requires the understanding and application of the basic business law in his/her gainful activities. Business law is embellished in absolutely every business transaction .

The Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law is actually meant for holders of the Higher National Diploma and its equivalent such as bachelors degree, final City and Guilds, professional diplomas etc. Purchasing officers, sales managers workshop managers, medical officers and those in other path ways will find the course helpful to enrich their business evaluative ability and avoid pit falls from the legal angle.

Top executives require skills to identity resolve contractional issues and finally take strategic decisions. Our post Graduate Diploma in Business Law is meant for a wide range of graduates (Bsc, HND, and Professional) who have little or no knowledge of Business Law but wish to secure or maintain senior position in their organizations. At Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology we define and impact knowledge of the main legal elements of Business Law.

Procedure: Scroll down and print your form. Complete same and start receiving lecture at your center the following Saturday.






Professional Diploma Business Law

8 weeks

N65,000 (Sixty Five Thousand Naira)

Pay a minimum of N20,000 and start lecture. After examinations receive your diploma if you have paid all your fee.

Post Graduate Diploma Business Law

10 weeks

N85,000 (Eighty Five Thousand Naira)

Pay a minimum of N20,000 and as above condition.

Account Name:  Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology

Account Number: 3932599016

Bank:     First City Monument Bank (FCMB)


Lagos:              Dr. Adebowale:  08050402360, 07066399171,
Tony Foloki:    08169607616
Ibadan:            Yemi Oludele  - 08023321711
Osun State:     Mr. M. Adebusuyi -  07035475929

We want center coordinators across Nigeria call - 08050407360


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