...integrity and prudence!


For a long time a "professional body" has been blowing an uncertain trumpet about chartership. Those responsible have been stimulating the interest of the people in deception about chartership for fifteen years now.

In actual fact, President Obasanjo never signed their bill. As a result, their institute is not existing under any law. For some fifteen years now they have succeeded in making the unsuspecting Nigerians to acquire fake certificates. The victims are now in a precarious situation because their "professional body" is very illegal. The people are no more relevant in Purchasing and Supply profession but CIPSAN is now ready to absorb them to save their situation. In fact they have made no value for money.

Deception is an unlawful act. It is also a grave offence against morality.

Thank God, they have been closed by the authority. Impunity is gone and now is the time for the civil service establishment to replace it with the Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (CIPSAN) for the country to move forward accordingly.

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